What do I do if someone gives me a more expensive gift than I gave them?

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It is one of the biggest challenges when exchanging gifts with someone. We all do a delicate dance when determining how much we should spend on the gift. There are cultural norms, your relationship with the person, and your gift-buying budget to consider. Sometimes, we get it wrong and find ourselves opening a present that is significantly more expensive gift than the gift we bought to give. 

Express your gratitude 

You should always show gratitude for the gifts you receive. Despite the disparity in gift values and the awkwardness you feel, it is important to say thank you. The gift giver obviously put considerable time, thought, and money into their gift. They will want to see that you appreciate the gift. Say thank you and try to acknowledge something about the gift that would have inspired the other person to buy it for you. 

Be direct about your discomfort 

If there is a large disparity between the gift values, then odds are the other person has also noticed it. Being direct about the issue can help address and alleviate the awkwardness. How you approach the topic will depend on what you feel comfortable with and your relationship with the other person. You could make a joke to bring some laughter to the issue. Or you can take a heartfelt approach. 

Avoid trying to one-up them

If you can’t afford to match the amount they spent on your gift, consider taking a different approach next time. Time spent and effort can be highly valued. Make them a custom gift if you have a crafty hobby. Prepare them a nice meal if you are a whizz in the kitchen. Because someone gives you an expensive gift doesn’t mean you need to match it in monetary value. And if it’s not in your budget it’s never a good idea to over-extend yourself to do so.

Consider returning the gift 

One option is to return the gift. If you don’t feel comfortable addressing the value issue or the gifter refuses to accept the gift back, returning it could be the best option. You might need to wait a bit for time to pass, and then you can quietly return the gift. If you don’t have a gift receipt, you may need to accept store credit. 

Suggest sharing wish lists for next time 

Sharing gift wishlists can take the guesswork out of gift-giving. By sharing with lists, you can set expectations about gift-giving before it’s time to make exchanges. This is also a good opportunity to open a conversation about expenditure expectations. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Studies show that recipients appreciate gifts they requested more than thoughtful gifts that they never asked for. 

Happy gifting!

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