What are some creative ways to give the gift of time or experiences?

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Sometimes, the most meaningful and memorable gifts are the intangible ones. Instead of adding to the never-ending accumulation of stuff, give the gift of time or experience. These gifts place value on forming core memories and showing that you truly know the recipient. Perhaps they do everything for everyone else, and never take time for themselves. Or maybe they are in perpetual pursuit of growth and betterment. Maybe they love the thrill. These gift ideas will help you gift an experience for the next holiday, birthday, or anniversary. 

Hire a service to perform chores 

You can give the gift of time by having a professional take care of the chores that need to be done. That way, the recipient of your gift can have more free time to do the things they enjoy most. Most people won’t ask for this type of gift. So, you will need to pay attention to where they could use the most assistance. 

Home cleaning 

Car detailing 

Lawn mowing 

Home chef 

Grocery delivery service 

Laundry service 

With all of these services being home-based, you have the perfect opportunity to turn the gift-giving experience into an eventful one. Create a scavenger hunt that has the recipient looking for clues that will give them hints about their gift.

Classes to learn something new 

Some people value continued growth through new experiences. They appreciate learning new skills or developing their current ones. This type of gift is perfect for those who value experiences over stuff. 




When giving a class experience as a present, you could keep the class itself a secret until it’s time to attend. Make plans with the recipient for the day and time of the class. Then, in the days leading up to it, you could send them videos or social media posts that would hint at what you two are going to be doing.

Tickets to an event 

If your intended recipient has a passion for the arts, music, or sports, then tickets to an event are the perfect gift. You could gift them a single ticket and buy yourself a paired ticket. That way, you and them can attend the event together. Another option is to give multiple tickets to the recipient. That way, they could choose who they attend the event with. 


Sporting events 


Even though the majority of event tickets are digital these days, you can still print them out or print the confirmation of purchase. Then, turn the gift into its own experience. Place the tickets in a box and wrap the box. Then, place the first box into a second and wrap the larger box. Continue this with as many boxes as you have or want to use. The recipient will have the fun of opening several presents all while building the anticipation.

Self-care/pampering services 

Give a gift that creates a relaxing and pampering experience for the recipient. A day of pampering lets them focus on themselves and their own mental and physical health. 

Hair styling 

Spa day and treatments 

Manicure and pedicure 

Day pass to a local resort or weekend away 

Because these experiences are all about self care, they are perfect for giving small token gifts that would complement the experience. That way, the recipient could continue the experience at home.

Unique experiences 

For the adventurous individual in your life, gift an experience that will take their breath away and get their heart racing. These unique gifts are the type of activities you would expect to see on someone’s bucket list. By purchasing a unique experience for them, you take away one of the barriers that may have prevented them from doing the activity. If you are brave, you can join them in the experience. 

Sky diving 

Zip lining 

Hot air balloon ride 

Race car driving 

Boat day rental 

Gift an experience or time

We live busy lives and are constantly pulled in different directions. Instead of giving an item as a present, why not give the recipient the gift of time? These precious moments can help them relax, pursue passions, or make lasting memories. 

While you may want to give an experience or time, gift-giving isn’t about what you want. It is about what the recipient wants. Creating a Giftster wish list with friends and family is the easiest way to always give the perfect gift.

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