Christmas Coloring Pages Kept My Kids off the Naughty List

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Christmas Coloring Pages Kept My Kids off the Naughty List

I know, I know Christmas should be for the kids, but at my house, the adults are running crazy from Halloween to New Year! The kids are hyped and have tons of vacation days. The combination usually leads to my husband and I yelling more and threatening coal from Santa every other sentence.

The solution was simple: give the kids something to do that would keep them busy on Christmas, even if the weather turns messy. The problem was that I had to supervise and wonder what exactly they were doing. Plus, how much screen time should they have?

In the end, I found activity and coloring sheets. I can print them off, and they can spend hours talking and coloring. They even started a little business! They sell me the picture I like best every week for a Happy Meal. I place it in the refrigerator to enjoy all week.

The best part? I found colouring book maker. With this simple tool, I can create and print countless pages of coloring pages for them and me to enjoy. With almost 10k in images to choose from, I know we will not run out of coloring pages!

It has lots of different categories, so we can create themed pages like Animals, creepy kawaii, Christmas, flowers, dragons, and so many more.



Unlike expensive store-bought Christmas coloring books, I can print on ecologically sound paper. Recycled and from renewable sources. Plus, it’s super cheap today to print these pages! It takes very little ink or toner because they are line illustrations! That is the beauty of coloring pages. My kids add the colors.

To my surprise, they have even used my dictionary and encyclopedia to look up what color things should be. At other times my refrigerator is decorated with pink and purple elephants. It’s such a treat to sit down for a few minutes and help them create the pages they want to color and complete that day.

It has become a morning routine with breakfast. We log into the colouring book maker and pick pictures as a family. My teenage son has started an Etsy business selling collections of coloring pages that he has created.

Then, he sells them as a digital download. I was skeptical at first. Why would someone not just get the colouring book maker themselves? But despite that, he has had several sales already. Since the city will not allow him to mow lawns without a license and liability insurance, he needed some way to make money. What a good way to be creative and earn some extra pocket money.

After the holidays, I think I will open my own Etsy store and sell coloring pages with captions. I have always been witty, and people love animals saying funny stuff. I can easily create these using this tool too. It is great for us all to use and enjoy.

My son is going to try customizable coloring pages where his customer can put in a name or their own captions on the coloring pages. He came up with this idea AFTER he heard me telling my caption idea to his dad. I can’t be mad because I am so proud of him.

This might be the best Christmas present our family has gotten this decade.

Keeps the kids out of my hair during the busy holiday season.
Reduces screen time without a fight!
Has become a source of income.
Almost 10k in coloring elements to create unique pages and more.
Brought the family together at meal time while we discussed the day’s coloring pages to print.

If you are like me and looking for something to keep the kids busy this Christmas, check this out. And if you are like my son use it to make some easy money online!

Here is our first-ever Christmas coloring page creation. Print it off and enjoy.


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