3 Inspirational Ideas to Make Your Easter Egg Hunt a Success

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If your kids are used to waking up on Easter morning and spending a few minutes finding their eggs, it may be time to add a little flair to your Easter egg hunt. Here are some ideas that will inspire you to take your Easter egg hunt to the next level.

1. Create unconventional prizes and rewards

Are your kids familiar with finding little candies inside their Easter eggs? It’s always fun to discover and open little treats. However, here are some ideas for creative and unconventional prizes they can find:

Coupons for fun activities: Write kid-friendly rewards on small strips of paper that can fit inside the Easter eggs. Ideas might include, “Go fishing with Dad,” “Stay up 30 minutes late,” or “Family movie night.”

Puzzle pieces: Once they find all of their eggs, your kids will have a fun puzzle to put together.

Craft supplies: Pom poms, pipe cleaners, stickers, mini glue sticks, sequins, feathers, and other arts and crafts items can all fit inside Easter eggs. When your kids are done with their Easter egg hunt, they can get creative with a craft of their choice.

2. Get your kids moving

Do your kids always seem to find their eggs too quickly? Try one of these ideas to stretch out the hunt and engage your kids’ problem-solving skills:

Make obstacles: Use pillows, couch cushions, and even stuffed animals to create forts or obstacle courses. Your kids will need to search through or complete the obstacles as they find their eggs.

Camouflage the eggs: Hide eggs in a ball pit (if you have one), or even a large pile of small balloons. Imagine how much your kids will enjoy playing in the pile while searching for their eggs.

Design a scavenger hunt: Have your child start with one egg that contains a clue to the next egg’s location. Your kids will need to solve each clue and find their eggs in order. You can hide them anywhere, from the fridge to the garage.

3. Take the Easter egg hunt outside

If the weather cooperates and you have the available outdoor space, hosting an Easter egg hunt outside gets your kids moving and enjoying the fresh air. Here are some creative ideas for an outdoor Easter egg hunt:

Hide eggs in unconventional places: Fill a kiddy pool with water and let some eggs float on top (make sure any prizes inside are waterproof). Or hide eggs in a sandbox for fun digging.

Invite friends, family, and neighbors: With an Easter egg hunt outside, you’ll have plenty of room for several kids to participate. Just make sure to hide enough for each kid and to include hiding spots that are appropriate for a wide age range.

Create a treasure map hunt: Design a map of your yard and mark the location of each hidden egg. See how well your kids can use the map to find the eggs.

Happy Easter!

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